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About Me

1In a nutshell: I’m a graphic and web designer working and living in Chicago. I run Collision Labs, a small design studio in the city, and Collision Toolbox, my online shop. I have been designing for several years now. I work hard to produce great work and happy clients. Be creative, keep it simple – that’s what I believe in. I also enjoy lettering, making stuff for my shop, sunny days, and working on ways to travel more.

Interested in the long version? I grew up in Elgin, IL. I’m the third daughter of four girls (I know, poor dad), who was raised by two extremely hard-working parents that have endured many obstacles in life to get us where we are today.

At a young age, I really enjoyed drawing and working with computers. Eventually that led me to pursuing a life of design in the big city, which included attending Columbia College Chicago. After getting my degree and gaining some experience, I began freelancing, which kickstarted my entrepreneurial path. Now, running Collision keeps me pretty busy as I continue to pursue this venture and grow as a designer & business owner.

About Collision

I started Collision Labs with a friend in 2010 and now have taken the reins on my own. Collision is my space to create beautiful, functional designs for my clients, collaborate with other talented creatives, and make a living doing what I love. I focus on graphic, web, print, logo/brand identity design – and am always open to new ideas. View our latest client work or contact us anytime to inquire about a project.

In 2015, we just launched our online shop, Collision Toolbox! We sell greeting cards and digital downloads, and would love to eventually expand into other print items and products. Come check out the toolbox and see what goodies we have to offer!

Let's Connect!

Instagram – I love lettering and have been practicing my craft and sharing my progress here.

Pinterest – You can see all my favorite things and many sources of inspiration here.

Twitter – Come say hello!

Tumblr – I’m new to the game here, but also feature my work here for those who prefer this site.

My Main Design Tools:

27" iMac

15" MacBook Pro

intuos4 Wacom Tablet

Adobe Creative Suite

Paper + Pen(cil)

About This Site:

This site wouldn’t be possible without my favorite developers, Blobfolio, a team to which I am happily devoted. Their extreme amount of talent make it easy to dedicate this duo as my go-to developers. Thank you for everything & for bringing my site to life, Tiffany and Josh!